Paul B. Rucker

paints visionary art in acrylic and other water-based media, and also works in pen, pencil, and mixed media. He has created theatrical backdrops, murals, collage, sign paintings, masks in clay and papier-mâché, silk painting and costuming. His most recent explorations are with mixed-media assemblages, combining various materials with hand-painted bones. He also performs face and body painting on subjects that he photographs in selected environments; the resulting images are further elaborated with digital painting techniques.

His work has been exhibited in the Twin Cities, Tuscaloosa, AL, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Chicago; and has been seen online and in print through many venues in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe. He is one of the founding members of the Minneapolis Collective of Pagan Artists (MCPA).
More of his work, art exhibition history, and selected publicity can be viewed at

Roger Williamson

is a visual artist residing and creating in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Born in Loughborough, England, in 1947 and growing up in Coventry, he was inspired from an early age by the French Symbolist painters of late nineteenth century France. These artistic influences, along with his own esoteric upbringing and practical experiences of magick, mythology and dream control form the matrix—a collective oeuvre upon which his paintings and writings are an extension.
Williamson’s works belong to a “theater” of life; building upon classical myths and ancient themes they invite viewers into spheres of consciousness characterized by ethereal portraits and kaleidoscopic color palettes. His practice seeks to re-enliven mystery while revitalizing the senses through questioning reality. Using diverse creative media such as painting or writing books he endeavors to develop techniques that materialize the sensuous dreaming experience into language for the waking world.
Aspiring to reintroduce mystery back into human existence through creativity while encouraging artistic audiences towards “living effulgent lives invigorated from secretions of our subconscious”.
Williamson is also creator of Tarot of the Morning Star book and deck as well as author The Sun at Night. See more at

Helga Hedgewalker

is a Visionary Artist and a third-degree traditional Witch, with decades of professional experience in print design, illustration, book design, package design, web graphics and advertising.
She is the co-author and illustrator of Color-A-Magick Spell (Llewellyn Publishing) and a founding member of the Minneapolis Collective of Pagan Artists, now “Mythic Arts Circle”.
In her spare time, Helga works in large-scale painting on wood or aluminum, digital collage, and costuming. She also loves creating ritual tools, making seasonal crafts, playing a variety of tribal drums, and swimming. Someday she plans to become a mermaid and swim far away…
Her paintings and other works can be viewed at