Since 2019, Mythic Art Circle is a partnership of three artists who were original founders of the Minneapolis Collective of Pagan Artists (MCPA): Paul B. Rucker, Helga Hedgewalker, and Roger Williamson.

As MCPA our group had four successful exhibitions (2014-2017) in the Minneapolis area with varied exhibition partners and with several guest artists. By 2018, the group membership and dynamic had changed; we took a sabbatical to consider how to move forward. The original MCPA had been intended as a modern Pagan cultural vehicle and its mission included interfaith work. (Our work as MCPA is archived on this website.)

“Mythic Art Circle” arose from the three artists’ contemplation of a more encompassing mission that included (but was not limited to) Pagan identity, and which shifted its emphasis from specific religions (and interfaith connections) to figural and metaphysical imagery relatable to many points of view. The languages of dream and of myth are common to human beings throughout history and the world.

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